Advice for Freshmen, part 1

  Most advice I see aimed at high school freshmen (and their families) about academics and testing is fairly generic and even a bit unhelpful: work hard but have fun too. Get good grades but don’t worry too much if they’re not perfect. Take risks but don’t do anything crazy. None of this is wrong Read more about Advice for Freshmen, part 1[…]

Advice for Freshmen, part 2

Shape your story.   In part 1, I talked about why in freshman year you need to find your academic footing, and flagged some fundamental skills that all freshmen need by the end of the year. In part 2, I turn to why freshman year is about shaping your story—both in academics and in extracurriculars—and Read more about Advice for Freshmen, part 2[…]

Advice for Freshmen, part 3

  Selectively ignore testing in freshman year. (with three caveats)   In the first two parts of this series, I made the case that freshman year is both about finding your academic footing, and about shaping your story by figuring out which academic and extracurricular interests you’re going to pursue wholeheartedly throughout high school.   In Read more about Advice for Freshmen, part 3[…]