Nancy came highly recommended to us by three different friends whose kids all had very different learning styles & temperaments. Nancy’s ability to connect with my son and pretty much immediately understand his learning style was incredible. I interviewed a few different people knowing that my son would need to be able to connect with his ISEE/SSAT tutor if they were about to embark onĀ  6-9 months of one-on-one weekly tutoring. Nancy endeared herself to my sporty, social, anti-reader son in a way that made him respect her greatly. He often reported that the way she explained math & verbal problems “just makes perfect sense.” She used creative exercises and workbooks to both challenge my son and humor him, thereby making this High School application process tolerable. Their sessions even helped him in 8th grade math as some of the material intersected.

Nancy was also extremely receptive to conversations with us regarding our son’s progress and we were always on the same page regarding when to back off slightly and when to hold him more accountable. Nancy ultimately helped our son raise his stanines 2-3 points in all 4 sections. This completely opened the door to being able to apply to top tier NYC High Schools with a degree of confidence. However, as parents, what was of even greater importance to us was that our son remained as emotionally intact as possible during this competitive & rigorous process. He did! And again, we attribute this wholly to Nancy. She was a mental coach as well as an ISEE/SSAT coach. She was so in tune with the greater picture of who our child is as a student and as a 14 year old boy. I cannot say enough about our experience and have already reserved Nancy for our two daughters (8 & 11)!!!