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Nancy Davenport is a shining star in the firmament of test prep tutors. My son has worked with Nancy on both the SAT and the AP World History tests. He is an excellent student at a competitive high school, but he (and we) had high hopes for his test results and so decided we needed help. Nancy fit the bill perfectly. In meeting Nancy, I was impressed by her no-nonsense approach and commitment to the task at hand as well as to the student as a person and his family. Nancy regimented and organized the arid and unpleasant task of preparing for standardized tests almost to the point that my son found it fun and interesting. In addition to technical test taking skills, Nancy provided support and a sounding board for both son and the family at large through the preparation process.

Nancy Davenport is a sincere person dedicated to and equipped for her mission, which is to liberate a student’s inner test taker and help them achieve the highest possible test results. I highly recommend Nancy to any family that is seeking to take on and excel at the battery of standard tests our kids confront today.