Auto Draft

When someone comes into your life who is truly gifted at what they do, at precisely the right time you need her, you can’t help but feel utterly grateful.  That is how I feel about Nancy Davenport.


A good friend recommended Nancy to me when my eldest daughter was in 11th grade.  With her strategies and tips, Nancy helped our daughter bump her ACT score from a 32 to a 34, with a super score of 35.  I realize that two points might not sound like much, but it is very difficult to bump an ACT score from the low 30’s to the mid 30’s and when you’re applying to top colleges; especially within the competitive NYC pool of candidates, those few points can really make a difference.


Someone who can help you kid achieve her/his test-score goals is invaluable, but I actually believe Nancy’s greatest strength is helping a child craft a personal statement. Our daughter is an excellent writer, but Nancy was able to push her and used the right prompts to help her hone in on a central core and then wrap all of her ideas around this core, creating an exceptionally insightful, creative and beautifully written personal statement.  With Nancy’s wisdom and experience, we know our daughter reached her fullest potential.