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Nancy has worked with three of my children to prepare for the ISEEs.  She has an ability to understand what motivates each child and to teach them accordingly, and is excellent at  prioritizing among the required sections and skills. Nancy also has a great feel for the timing and flow of test preparation.  With each of my children she felt that they needed a slightly different program. Most recently, we started preparing earlier but worked very slowly and consistently.  With my other daughter, Nancy recommended a shorter, more intense approach.  Nancy spends the time getting to know the kids and the family in order to determine how to approach the ISEE exam. She is direct, honest and calming when delivering her recommendations. Finally, Nancy is efficient and has excellent judgement.  I never felt that she was pushing us to invest more in this process than we needed.


All three of my children saw significant improvement in their scores; in one case the improvements were dramatic.  While no child likes test prep, Nancy makes sure that everyone – parents and kids – keep the test in perspective, that everyone maintains a sense of humor about the process, and that you always feel as if you have a supportive partner.